Alghero is the most characteristic tourist resort on the Riviera del Corallo (Coral Riviera). Its coastline is blessed with small bays that conceal soft beaches encircled by thick pine forests and rugged reefs lapped by the waves of the emerald-green sea.

The perennially mild climate, the transparency and extraordinary colours of the sea and the fragrant aroma of the Mediterranean maquis combine to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant, carefree break.

This sports-lovers’ paradise offers everything from fishing, swimming and sub-aqua diving to windsurfing, sailing, tennis and horseriding. Moreover, Alghero is an uncontaminated oasis for underwater photography and archaeology, and all visitors to the island should find the time to go on an excursion to the surrounding area, which is rich in pre-historic ruins, nuraghi (truncated towers) and domus de janas (tombs).